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Doing business doesn’t have to be difficult.

Targeted Merchant Solutions offers a wide variety of service options including:

Credit Card Processing
Gift Card Programs
Cash Advances
Mobile Processing

At Targeted Merchant Solutions we want to give your business all of the tools necessary to thrive in a competitive marketplace. Our customer service and support team is there to answer any of your questions about equipment or services so we can insure that you are getting the right services for your company’s needs. With the great technological advances in credit card processing available today, it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle. That’s why we are here for you.

And because Targeted Merchant Solutions wants to see your business generate more customers and transactions, we also offer Internet Marketing services and Website Services to help build your brand and generate new customers. A comprehensive merchant services system can keep all of your goals aligned while making billing simpler. Our low rates and excellent service make choosing a merchant service provider easy!

Credit card processing doesn’t have to be a burden.

When it comes to getting the best rates for credit card processing, Targeted Merchant Solutions has the competition beat. You can reduce costs nad increase profits simply by switching to a merchant service provider with lower rates and transaction fees.

Already have an account with a merchant service company? Send in your current merchant service statement through the form above and Targeted Merchant Solutions will send you a customized quote based on your existing services so you can see how much you can save by switching! 866-863-2660

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