Merchant Accounts and Credit Card Processing Solutions

Looking for a payment processing company that can provide all of the services needed to process your credit card and check transactions quickly and efficiently? The importance of finding a reputable company with the state-of-the-art equipment and expertise designed to process these all-important transactions that so strongly impact the profitability of your business, cannot be under-estimated. A closer look at Easy Card Services and what we have to offer our clients will soon convince you that we are that company.

Easy Card Services offers our clients the flexibility to customize a program best suited for their overall needs. In fact, one of the primary reasons we have been successful in this competitive industry is due to these innovative cost-effective programs.

Easy Card Services has the answer to all of your needs and requirements in credit card / check transaction processing. Contact Easy Card Services today to learn more. You will find our services and the overall cost of our programs to be highly competitive and affordable. Easy Card Services – customer satisfaction is always our primary goal.

Account Types
Retail Mail Order / Telephone Order Internet
Retail / Restaurant Telephone / Mail Order Internet

A retail merchant account allows merchants to easily accept credit and debit cards right from the point of sale.
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A mail order/ telephone order merchant account offers merchants a way to conveniently process credit and debit card transactions over the phone and or through the mail.
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An Internet merchant account offers merchants a way to process credit and debit card transactions using either their own website or a PC gateway.
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With Easy Card Services you are guaranteed low cost credit card processing. Our philosophy is low rates, excellent service along with the largest payment processor in the world.. For more information contact us!

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Hypercom Optimum M4100 Hypercom Optimum M4200
The cutting edge of wireless technology
Lipman Nurit 8320 Omni vx 510
The perfect solution for multiple merchant accounts
Hypercom T7 Plus Hypercom T7 Plus
Recommended for its simplicity and reliability
Virtual Terminal Virtual Terminal
Process Credit Cards from any Personal Computer